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All Points Inspection (Up to 3000sf): $400
– 600 Point Property Inspection – Foundation Relative Height Survey Conducted (Readings Filed for 2 Years) – Partial Thermal Camera Assessment – Plumbing Drainage and Flow Assessment – Fee Covers Up To 3000sf and 2 HVAC Systems
NOTE: Base Fee for Associate Inspectors Start at $385 – Call for Details          NOTE: Base Fee for Condo Inspections Start at $325 – Call For Details 

All Points Inspection w/ Advanced Services: $999
– 600 Point Inspection – WDI (Termite Report) w/ Treatment Plan, Discounted Treatments, 1-Year Warranty – Foundation Relative Height Survey w/ Survey Diagram Included – Full Thermal Camera Analysis – Moisture Metering Analysis – Plumbing Drain Pipe Camera Analysis, Advanced HVAC Analysis, Geological/Floodplain/Permit Research, Option Period Estimates (As Needed – Limitations Apply), NOTE: Limitations May Apply. All The Below Listed Services are Included with an Advanced Services Inspection.


WDI (Termite Inspection) w/ Treatment Plan and Warranty: $95
– Inspection for Wood Destroying Insects (1 Year Warranty or Discounted Treatment) – Texas Certified Applicator #0702346 – Treatments and Treatment Plans Available – Recommended for Most Homes – Required For VA and Most FHA Loans – This Service Included w/ Advanced Services

Advanced HVAC Assessment (HVAC Technician #48637): $95
– In Depth Assessment of HVAC System Including Refrigerant Pressure/Temperature Tests (Sub-Cooling/Superheat), Testing of Electrical Components, Leak Test, and Air Distribution Assessment

Advanced Plumbing Camera Assessment: $175
– Recommended for Structures w/ Older Systems or Elevated Concerns or Damage: Limited Plumbing Camera Assessment to Determine Material Type of Buried Plumbing and Detectible Evidence of Cracks/Issues

Full Thermal Camera Assessment: $99
– Flir Thermal Camera Technology Utilized to Assist in the Detection of Plumbing, Energy Efficiency, HVAC, and Electrical Issues

Foundation Relative Height Survey Drawing: $50
– All Inspection (Where Applicable) Include Foundation Surveys and Result Information. A Relative Height Drawing with Equipment Reading are Available (Generally Filed for 2 Years)

Geological/Floodplain/Permit Research: $99
– Additional Property Research to Assist in the Discovery of Possible Soil, Floodplain, and/or Permit Issues (Limitations Apply)

Option Period Estimates: $99
– Research and Consultations w/ Subject Matter Experts Conducted to Provide General Repair Cost Estimations (Limitations Apply)

Termite Remediation Available: Call for Quote

Commercial Inspections Available: Call for Quote

Services Fees of Associate Inspectors May Vary: Noted Rates Apply to Company Principal – Andy Jordan PI#9458